The Purpled Nail is looking for the Sacred in the Ordinary.  

This is a small window, please read these guidelines.  We are looking for work that reflects the sacred as it is manifested in ordinary everyday things or people.

If you're not sure what that means, take a look at the website: 

To be perfectly honest, most submissions we decline not because of poor writing but because we scratch our heads and wonder why it got sent to us.  We don't see the sacred as it shows up in everyday, ordinary things or events in the story or poem that was sent to us.

The Sacred in the Ordinary. 

We are looking for writings that reflect this sentiment.  We seek the sacred as it exists in the ordinary; the miraculous in the mundane.  This can be revealed in poetry, prose, plays, devotionals, testimonies and academic writings.  When all else fails, it might even be found in sermons.   

If you have something that shows us the sacred in the ordinary, and is maybe a little bit edgy as well, please consider submitting it.  The guidelines will give you the details. 

• We are looking for new material, that is, material never before published. That being said, we will consider reprints for something that fits our mission and that is outstanding in its execution. Let us know when and where it was published before.

• Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere and please remove it from our Submittable page.

•      The author retains copyright of the submitted stories and/or articles. However, by submitting your work to us and our publishing it, acquires the non-exclusive publishing rights to the work for the full term of the copyright. This means, in addition to publishing in our online journal, we may include piece in our electronic archives indefinitely. By submitting your work and checking on the Submittable link, you are agreeing to these terms.

Please understand that The Purpled Nail is an electronic publication.

• We do not charge a reading fee but we also do not currently pay authors for published pieces.

• We may make small editorial changes in the work. These will not usually go beyond correcting typos or grammatical errors. For any substantive change, we will contact the author.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.