Underwood is the flagship magazine for Underwood Press LLC.  While we have plans for specialized editions in the future, currently our efforts are focused on Underwood as well as Rue Scribe, our online magazine focused on flash fiction and poetry.  

We are looking for finely crafted storytelling.  This is whether it is traditional “literary” fiction, flash fiction, or genre.  Whatever your bent, as long as it is excellent writing and a compelling tale, we are interested in reading it.  And if it moves us, we will want to publish it.  

Although we do not consider ourselves poets (or at least not very good poets) we do recognize and enjoy reading good poetry.  We would welcome the chance to read yours and perhaps publish it as well.  That is, if you care to send it to us Philistines of the literary world.

We are looking for work that has not been previously published.  Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere and remove it from our submission list.


If we agree to publish your work, you agree to give us first electronic publishing rights and non-exclusive rights for the full term of the copyright. This means that we can keep and display your work in our electronic archives indefinitely.  All other rights revert to the author upon publication.

If we wish to use your work in a later anthology (print or electronic) or record it for one of our podcasts, we will ask for separate permission before doing so.

Please credit Underwood Press as the first publisher if you reprint elsewhere.

Generally speaking, flash fiction and shorter poetry should be submitted to Rue Scribe.  If you’re not sure whether to submit to Underwood or Rue Scribe (or one of our specialized editions), just submit to Underwood.  We will redirect it to where we feel it fits best. 

We do not charge any type of reading fee but we also do not currently pay contributors.  We hope to change that and to be able to pay contributors in the future. 

Please understand that we may make small editorial changes in the work. These will not usually go beyond correcting typos or grammatical errors. For any substantive change, we will contact the author.

The Editors

Rue Scribe (ruescribe.com) is the online journal for Underwood Press. 

We concentrate on short fiction and poetry.

• We accept submissions and subsequently read and publish on a rolling basis. When something comes our way that we want to share with the world, we will publish it on our website.

• Suggested length for fiction is under 500 words. But, we will consider longer works. Maximum length for poetry should be considerably less than that but we won’t specify a number. We’ll leave that up to you, the poet.

• We are looking for new material, that is, material never before published. That being said, we will consider reprints for something that fits our mission and that is outstanding in its execution. Let us know when and where it was published before.

• Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere

• The author retains copyright of the submitted stories and/or articles. However, by submitting your work to us and our publishing it, Underwood Press LLC acquires the non-exclusive publishing rights to the work for the full term of the copyright. This means, in addition to publishing in our online journal, we may include the piece in our electronic archives. By submitting your work and checking the box on the submission link, you are agreeing to this statement. 

• We may make small editorial changes in the work. These will not usually go beyond correcting typos or grammatical errors. For any substantive change, we will contact the author.

Underwood Press